Why Use a Marketing Agency & How to Foster a Long-Lasting Partnership

April 1, 2023

Outsource or work in-house? The age old question of companies and marketers alike. There are benefits to both; it comes down to what your company is looking for in terms of marketing services and engagement. Let’s dive into why you’d outsource your marketing and how to foster an amazing agency relationship.

There are several reasons to outsource your company’s marketing but it boils down to savings, scalability, and flexibility. You might be thinking, how does paying for an agency help save money? Working with a marketing firm produces savings in the long run even though the sticker price can seem high at first. But when you compare those costs to a full-time employee’s salary, benefits, and training, it is much more affordable. Plus you know your money is going directly to the marketing services you need. Additionally, the specialty tools needed for design and marketing can get pricey very quickly! Outside agencies already have all the necessary platforms so you don't have to invest funds or resources on nuanced tools that, oftentimes, will only be used in-house for only a few projects. 

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, scalability of your marketing efforts is an attractive benefit of working with an outside firm. Since agencies are equipped with a team of marketing experts, the work is done more efficiently than if all efforts are kept in-house. Agencies absorb any potential learning curves that could bog down your employee’s time so that the work gets done quickly and with ensured quality. Since marketing needs fluctuate based on the industry, your company can really personalize the timeline and deliverables to best match your market. 

Agencies grant flexibility to existing company strategies by providing room to experiment on new platforms, in previously unpracticed media, and to unexplored audiences. Unlike a new full-time hire, who needs extensive training and onboarding, marketing firms are able to hit the ground running after a brief consultation. A good agency partnership should flex to fit your business’ needs. Through collaborating with your internal team, the agency can take marketing efforts off of your plate and allow you to focus on what you do best.

Now that you’re ready to work with a marketing agency, how do you make sure it is a good working relationship? Like any personal or professional relationship, it boils down to communication. Consistent and transparent communication will elevate your contract to a long-term partnership, where you both grow and benefit each other. Early in the process, define clear roles, set up a regular feedback loop, and be honest about timelines and budgets. A strong foundation will help reduce errors, minimalizing miscommunication and frustrations.

Marketing agencies are powerhouses equipped with expert teams, the most up to date trends and strategies, and the resources to help you as a company save money, scale easily, and customize based on your needs. Before diving into your first project with an agency, make sure to define your roles and establish a clear and consistent feedback loop. This will help push projects to be better than ever and develop a long-lasting partnership. 

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