Videos For Sales Presentations

We create persuasive sales videos that bring the power of movement and narrative to your presentations

Creating  sales presentation videos that captures the attention of an audience and keeps them engaged is not easy. Acres of text, bad typography, incongruous stock images — you’ve seen it all and so have your prospects. 

We can help you do better. 

A Quicksilver sales presentation video combines the arts of visual narrative with concise and persuasive narration. The Quicksilver team includes sales experts, videographers, designers, and writers who work with clients to craft bespoke video presentations that prospects won’t forget.

No Engagement, No Sale

Sales Presentation Videos That Inspire 

What makes an effective sales pitch? Data? Clever arguments? Empathy? A compelling USP? 

In fact, it’s all the above. But the real challenge is bringing them together in a piece of content that makes prospects feel something. Video is the ideal medium for building compelling and persuasive narratives. 

Quicksilver creates sales presentation videos that leverage the expertise of a diverse collection of sales and creative professionals.

Combining Sales Expertise With Creativity

Sales Presentation Videos With an Edge 

Businesses have poured millions into sales presentation videos that look incredible, but don’t sell a thing. Prospect intelligence is at the heart of everything we do. Our consultants work with your team to develop an in-depth profile of your product and your prospects. 

We then develop scripts and visual narratives crafted to speak to their specific pain points. The final product — created by experienced sales video professionals — is engaging sales videos that communicate effectively with targeted prospects.

A Comprehensive Sales Content Solution

An Enhanced Marketing Strategy

In addition to sales marketing videos, we provide a wide range of sales and marketing content with a focus on pursuit marketing and account-based marketing. 

  • Sales enablement and sales marketing content
  • Employee engagement strategy
  • Pitch deck design
  • Sales marketing consulting

Quicksilver is the pursuit based marketing specialist. We help companies’ close large sales with their most important corporate prospects. Our sales presentation videos are precisely targeted to communicate your message in the format that is most appealing to your prospects. 


To find out how Quicksilver sales presentation videos can help you close the sales that matter to your business, get in touch for an initial consultation today. 


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