Pitch Deck Design And Consulting Services

We provide B2B pitch deck design services that will help you sell to corporate prospects.

An effective pitch deck is worth millions to your company. When your sales team is out there on the front lines, it’s their expertise that closes sales and a great sales deck that speaks to the needs and practical concerns of prospects is vital. 

Our pitch decks designs are effective because of our unique pursuit based marketing approach. Pursuit based marketing focuses on the big wins, creating custom content tailored for specific prospects.

A Pitch Deck is Your Hero

It Tells a Story 

A sales pitch deck is a marketing asset intended to persuade prospects that your company has the solution to their problem. A pitch deck tells a simple story about a business with a need. The prospect is the main character, and in a great pitch deck, your company is the hero. The only one who can slay the prospect’s dragons. 

Our pitch decks turn your business into a hero.

A Pitch Deck Is Your Brand

It Represents You 

A “good enough” B2B sales pitch deck won’t cut it. Facts and figures are important. But design and presentation are where first impressions are made. Our designers sweat the details: layout, typography, color, images, video, charts, and data visualizations are combined into a coherent whole that embodies your brand and its products. 

But style without substance is empty. The perfect deck is a mix of empathy, argument, and visual presentation. That’s why our pursuit marketing experts work with your sales team and carry out their own in-depth research — our knowledge of your prospect informs every decision we make.

Sales Marketing Consultation 

We work with you every step of the way. Quicksilver’s sales and marketing consultants are here to help you make design and content decisions, to hone your sales strategy, and to deploy the content we create in the most effective way. When your company is all-hands-on-deck to win a big contract, we will design the pitch decks and sales enablement content that make it happen. 

Our designers, writers, and sales consultants are ready to help your company get the business it deserves.


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