Sales Enablement And Marketing

We will give your sales team the sales enablement assets, marketing consultation, and prospect intelligence they need to close.

At Quicksilver, we’re all about pursuit based marketing — targeted sales marketing with a laser focus on developing the content and intelligence your team needs to sell effectively to corporate prospects. 

Sales enablement is a pillar of pursuit marketing. Your prospects need to believe that you understand them. That what you have aligns with what they need. That you’ve got what it takes to solve their problems. 

The Quicksilver team is known for creating highly effective, research-driven pitch decks and sales enablement content. Through tailored consultations with your sales team, we help them make the most of the assets we provide.

Content That Can’t Be Ignored

Sales Enablement Content Makes A Difference 

A powerful pitch deck can turn a maybe into a yes. Your sales team is awesome, but we can give them the edge they need to make that vital connection with prospects. 

The perfect pitch deck combines argument, empathy, and visual presentation into a package that speaks to the needs of your prospects. It tells a story that leads them by the hand to an inevitable conclusion.

Content That Is Tailored

Aligning Sales Marketing With Your Prospects 

Our marketing enablement content isn’t designed for the general case. We create content that is precisely calibrated to excite interest in a specific prospect. 

We work closely with your sales team and carry out in-depth research that informs the topic and shape of the content we create. We look, we listen, and we distill what we learn into words and images that convey a simple message. From a million possible stories, we choose the one that speaks loudest to your prospects — and that’s how we catch lightning in a bottle.

Sales Marketing Consultation 

Our sales consultants work side-by-side with your sales team to understand your company’s value proposition and its intersection with the requirements of the prospect. 

We believe in collaboration, and your team will be involved every step of the way as we shape a compelling narrative. Quicksilver’s sales consultants will then work with your team to ensure that our content is used to its greatest effect. 


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