No, there isn’t a word missing from the title of this article. While we certainly hope everyone reading this had fun ringing in the New Year, the purpose for writing isn’t limited to wishing everyone good health and prosperity during the coming 12 months.

Instead, “Happy New!” is a look forward, a challenge, and a commitment.

The word “New” often generates excitement, as in a new gift you may have received over the holidays, or a new car, or new home, or new travel destination. New is sometimes equated with better, as in “New and Improved”. New can also indicate hope, especially in the context of all the hope and promise of a new year on the calendar. So in these examples, new really is happy.

New can also create anxiety or stress. Perhaps that’s why 80% – 90% of new year’s resolutions are broken within weeks of New Year’s Day. Commitments to eat healthy, lose weight, or exercise more turn in to stress over starting a new diet, going to the gym, or sacrificing things we enjoy to achieve a desired result. In order for a resolution to be successful, it requires hard work and a commitment to change. Old, bad habits are hard to break, and new, better habits require repetition and determination.

So as you look forward into 2017, what new things are you anticipating, or dreading, in the new year? Does your calendar for this new year include a new product launch, a branding or rebranding initiative, or a major, companywide meeting that will be here before you know it? Major business milestones or professional success benchmarks can challenge us in different ways. Sometimes, unfortunately, our professional goals meet the same fate as our personal resolutions – they end up unfulfilled or create undue stress.

That’s where Quicksilver can help! For more than 40 years, we have been creatively impacting the business world – helping our clients resolve complex marketing and communications challenges while always delivering a great experience. Although our dedication to our clients hasn’t changed, we will be introducing some new product and service offerings as we embark on our 41st year in business. So now more than ever, you can count on Quicksilver to be the resource you need to achieve your goals in 2017.

We are resolute in our commitment to your success. Contact us today to learn how working together can make THIS New Year the happiest year ever.