It’s strange sitting backstage. All the graphics on the screens are backwards.

This was just one of the “ah-ha” moments Quicksilver designer, Rebecca, had when she went on site with the Quicksilver team to stage a recent leadership meeting for one of our clients. Others included, “I was always cold…ballroom chairs are really uncomfortable after about 8 hours…and…the adrenalin rush of the first cue at the beginning of the show still needs to be supplemented with gallons of coffee as the day wears on…” are a few of the others.

Quicksilver has been collaborating with this client since 2000.  The meeting opens on Sunday afternoon and runs through noon on Thursday. If General Sessions are not taking place, rehearsals for subsequent days’ presentations are. Planning begins in January, rehearsals take place in later October and the event opened this year on November 15th. You would think with all that time and preparation that the only thing left to do on site would be execute…but it is amazing how focused presenters become, just before “showtime.”

Rebecca learned how to make changes to speaker notes on the back-up computer while the main computer was live … how to listen to the presenter and the producer over headsets at the same time … and the value of working alongside an experienced “show operator”— (Thanks, Dennis!)

Challenges aside, one of the best parts of being on site is seeing the months of preparation pay off. Rebecca was involved from the beginning of the development of the presentations, got to work directly with clients, and to hear their feedback firsthand.  She had brushes with greatness, supporting keynote speakers Josh Linkner and the subject of the movie, “Moneyball,“ Billy Beane.  And she got to feel that special glow on Thursday as the CEO gave a special shout-out to the “Quicksilver team” for the spectacular work they had done.

And now, a week later, she is almost caught up on her sleep.