There can be no doubt that video is an impactful and memorable method of conveying information and moving a viewer toward an action. Whether it is a piece of video marketing, training, or entertainment- VIDEO IS VITAL.

As these statistics illustrate, video is one of the most dominant means of mass communication. Sure, in the old days, video might buffer and lose a viewer’s attention. In the old days, it might clutter up a page or slow down a website. It might have amateurish production value or tell an incomprehensible story. But those days are gone.

Today, high quality video is ubiquitous on the Internet. A website without video is eerily backwards looking and freakish. Today, YouTube is the second most popular search engine. Video tells stories that make a stronger emotional connection than any other form of content, except perhaps virtual reality, which also happens to be a form of video! It influences buying decisions, and drives conversions, gets more social media shares and reaches more people. It engages mobile users at an ever-increasing rate. Video helps build trust in a product or brand, improves SEO and has a high ROI. The statistics don’t lie – watch the video.



And in addition to these marketing and branding applications, video marketing is vital for engaging or instructing employees, imparting strategic wisdom at an executive leadership meeting, or adding that extra secret ingredient that makes a pitch stand above the crowd and wins the business.

The bottom line is – your company needs video. And we’re are not just saying that because Quicksilver is a creative communications agency that produces award-winning video, but also because it’s true.