Pitch Deck Qualities

An effective pitch deck can make millions of dollars for your business. A bad pitch deck is a liability that can push prospects into the arms of your competitors. But what does an effective pitch deck look like?

At the heart of every great pitch deck is an idea. The pitch deck’s job is to communicate that idea to prospects. Sounds simple, right? In fact, it’s hugely challenging to communicate an idea with clarity and concision. And that’s just the start. An effective pitch deck isn’t just about conveying information — it must be persuasive, compelling, and emotionally and intellectually engaging.

Every pitch deck is different, but every effective deck has these qualities.

A Coherent Narrative

Ineffective pitch decks are often just a jumble of slides: there’s nothing wrong with the information, but the way it’s presented is difficult to follow and incoherent.

The best pitch decks tell a story. Humans are powerfully attracted to narrative structures with heroes, villains, suspense, well-imagined scenarios, recognizable characters, and progress from the present into the future.

The narrative should be the foundation of your pitch deck. A story that shows how your product can take the prospect from their current undesirable situation into a better future. Use data to support the narrative, but make sure the story comes first.

Their Problem, Your Solution

A common mistake in sales pitch decks is to focus on the seller, on their products, capabilities, and how generally awesome they are. That’s relevant information, but don’t forget about the prospect and their specific situation.

The narrative of your pitch decks should put the prospect’s problem front-and-center, demonstrating a clear understanding of their needs.

Who Are You?

While the “We’re Awesome!” approach to pitch deck design isn’t necessarily the best way to go, prospects are justifiably curious about the business behind the product.

Great pitch decks establish not only the benefits of the product, but why the seller is the best choice to provide the offered solution. Experience, expertise, and commitment all play a role, and should be woven into the pitch deck’s narrative.

The Personal Touch

Quicksilver is a leader in the field of pursuit marketing and account-based marketing. In our experience, the most effective sales content is tailored to the unique profile of high-value prospects.

That’s why we conduct extensive prospect intelligence gathering and research, working with our clients to develop content that speaks directly to the needs, cultures, and personalities of individual prospects.

Creative Visualization

In the modern sales environment, pitch decks comprising bullet lists, clip art, and low-quality stock photos don’t cut it. High-quality design connotes attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

There is a huge difference between a competently designed pitch deck and one to which exhaustive attention has been paid to color, typography, images, video, and the creative visualization of complex information.

We don’t advocate style over substance, but we have helped our clients to over a billion dollars in sales with an approach that combines design excellence with creative story-telling.

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