Quicksilver Studios

For the past 42 years, we at Quicksilver Studios have worked hard. We’ve put in long hours, seen late nights and filled countless whiteboards brainstorming. And through those decades we’ve seen tremendous success and growth. We’ve developed and executed large scale inspirational and educational experiences for Fortune 100 companies attended by hundreds of thousands. Powered a global management consulting firm to win billions in new business using ingenious tactics and unparalleled execution. Won a myriad of awards, honors and have been considered the invaluable “team behind the team” to many. So, what does a company that has seen such accomplishment do next?

We reinvent ourselves.

At the end of 2017 we went through some very exciting changes. We found ourselves evolving to meet new needs. Solving for new client issues rather than the familiar ones of the past. Our work grabbed the attention of L Street Collaborative, a Chicago-based venture holding firm. Who went on to acquire our company and publicly welcome us into their portfolio of innovative business units on January 1, 2018. Our prowess for taking complex ideas and transforming them into business winning solutions compliments L Street’s entrepreneurial DNA.

With change comes opportunity and a chance to re-engage with our roots. As our core identity had been updated, we decided a new name was in order and landed on Quicksilver Studios. That new moniker deserved a revised web presence (check it out here and let us know what you think!) that clearly articulates our truth and showcases our capabilities more accurately.

As our relationship with L Street deepens and our network rapidly expands, we are widening our industry focus. We are diving into the crazy world of Start-ups. Also, we are becoming a trusted resource in crowdfunding communication and exploring new technologies, such as Cryptocurrency. Of course, with all this change, having some familiarity is always appreciated and we are still happily (and busily) servicing our core clients, eager to show how these advancements will enhance what we do for them today.

There are a lot of exhilarating things on the horizon for Quicksilver Studios and we want you on the journey with us. We are wildly excited for more years of long hours, late nights and endless white-boarding, keeping our fundamental message consistently in mind, the defining concept that makes Quicksilver, Quicksilver; Our execution delivers outcomes.