With the attention span of a human lasting 7 seconds, creating pitch deck design that demands attention is challenging. Think about it. Your audience has spent the day over exerting their analytical side. While the presented data and facts might be a fundamental change in the industry, you want to avoid overwhelming your audience. Engagement results in action. If your audience isn’t engaged, how can you expect them to act once your presentation concludes? Here are 5 ways to make sure your pitch deck engages your audience.

What the font

Taking advantage of a font’s character can greatly impact your overall pitch deck by capturing your investor’s attention and help reinforce your overall messaging.

Font depicts a feeling

In 2006 a study was done to determine if font had emotions associated with them. It determined the fonts most commonly associated with positive and negative emotions. Serif fonts, such as Times New Roman and Courier, are viewed as “stable”, “practical”, and “mature” while Modern fonts, such as Georgia or Impact, were viewed as “assertive” or “course.”

Different fonts depict different feelingsFont gives clear direction

Cognitive fluency is a theory that suggests when our brains have difficulty processing information, the task at hand appears more challenging. If the potential investor is having a hard time processing your presentation the lower your credibility gets. Make sure your messaging is crystal clear, in both content and font.

If it's hard to read it's hard to do

Line that up

Properly aligning elements on the page allows them to create a visual connection. It is one of the most basic principles of design, yet we so often see designers ignore it. Align your information in a way that is natural to the reader. Don’t make them scan all over the page to understand your message. This can cause confusion, and with confusion comes doubt.

Alignment makes reading and processing information easier

Colorize it

Color consistency helps with brand recognition as shown in our Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi example. While Pepsi claims they win in blind taste tests, Coca-Cola holds a larger percent of market share than Pepsi due to constant brand loyalty. The colors throughout your deck should remain consistent to your brand and not act as a distraction to your audience.

Colors consistency increases brand loyalty

Visualize it

A common misconception when presenting is feeling the need to put every detail on the slide. Based on the Cognitive Overload Theory we discussed, your audience’s brain becomes overloaded if required to process too much complex information. John Sweller, the originator of this theory, argued that instructional design can be used to reduce cognitive load. Using imagery to help tell your story will help investors connect to your content in a more meaningful way.

Images are processed 60,000 times faster than text

Let it breathe

“White” space tells our brain what information is most important. Also called negative space, this design element is important in that it keeps your design focused, organized and not confusing.

Proper spacing tells our brains what elements are most important



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