company rebrand

The world changes around us: new ideas, new technologies, and new lifestyles evolve, but brands stay the same unless businesses deliberately and mindfully refresh them in response to a changing world. A company rebranding is an opportunity to change the narrative around your business, to tell your story in new and interesting ways that speak to new markets.

When Should A Business Refresh Its Brand?

The market changes

If you flick through a magazine from the sixties, the Mad Men era which produced campaigns like Think Small, you will see fantastic copy and imagery — Think Small was ranked the greatest campaign of the 20th century — but those ads were of their time. They wouldn’t work today: technology, design, aesthetics, attention spans, platforms, and media have changed.

Your brand has to speak to the people who will buy your products today, not the people who bought your product five, ten, and twenty years ago.

The technology changes

Mobile has changed everything. Logos, colors, copy, messages, and imagery that did their job on larger screens are not suited to the small high-definition screens that most of us use every day.

Millennials are not Gen Xers and the post-Millennial Generation Z was brought up with apps and touch screen mobile devices. Brands have to adapt to new devices, new apps and platforms, and the new lifestyles they create.

The business changes

Businesses change too, and if the brand doesn’t evolve, it can come unstuck from reality as the business releases new products and enters new markets.

What Can A Company Rebranding Do For Your Business?

A brand refresh can help to reshape the way consumers perceive your business.

New logo and design

Consumers are sensitive to design and imagery: they are exposed to thousands of examples every day. A brand that stands out from the crowd is good; a brand out of tune with modern sensibilities is not.

The prevalence of mobile and a pragmatic preference for minimal flat designs have pushed design trends in the direction of a simple and bold aesthetic. Fussy, overly complex designs are off-putting and they don’t look good on mobile.

New platforms

A brand refresh isn’t just about reshaping the way a brand is presented. It is just as important to take advantage of new platforms and technologies, including mobile and AR / VR.

The platforms your business needs to reach should influence design and technology decisions, both of which will shape your brand. A business that embraces emerging technologies such as AR / VR communicates its orientation to the future. But it’s not all about cutting-edge technologies: the technological fundamentals need to be in place too: responsive design, native mobile applications, eCommerce, and more.


I have focused on the way brands can drift out of sync with consumer sensibility, but brands can also become dislocated from themselves, as sales, marketing, and other departments within a business design and create brand assets.

A thorough brand refresh will realign all areas of the business with a coherent image, values, and messaging.

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