Account Based Marketing

Align your marketing and sales strategies with the culture and business needs of high value targets.

Your leads are bombarded by emails, cold calls, and sales pitches all day. 

How can your business avoid being lost in the noise?

When you create content and marketing strategies that closely reflect the culture and needs of your targets, they listen. 

Pursuit based marketing is Quicksilver’s unique approach to account based marketing. We work with our clients’ sales and marketing teams to develop deeply personal marketing campaigns with custom messaging, sales enablement content, and tailored sales alignment strategies.

Empower Your Teams

Our experienced account-based marketing and creative consultants will help your sales and marketing teams: 

  • Align marketing and sales content and strategy with the needs and pain points of high-value targets. 
  • Leverage personalized marketing and sales enablement content tailored to specific leads, decision makers, and influencers. 
  • Differentiate your business from competitors with personalized videos, pitch decks, presentations, marketing collateral, imagery, venue dressing, and more. 

QuickSilver’s pursuit based marketing consultants have driven over a billion dollars in sales for hundreds of clients. 

Narrow The Funnel

Account-based marketing treats each opportunity as a market of one. 

Traditional marketing approaches focus on filling the funnel at the widest point. Advertising, inbound marketing content, and branding is designed to appeal to a wide cross-section of leads, who are then scored and qualified by the sales team. 

But high-value targets in competitive markets demand more than generic content and lowest common denominator solutions. That’s where Pursuit Based Marketing shines. We empower businesses to put aside the megaphone and to embark on conversations based on a deep understanding of each lead. 

Who are your ideal customers? Who would you most like to do business with? Our expertise is helping businesses close with their perfect lead. 

Reach Sales Goals

Account Based Marketing Builds a Pitch Perfect Strategy 

Our marketing consultants, designers, videographers, and researchers will work with your team to build a pitch perfect strategy that aligns with the culture, needs, and personalities of your targets.  

We will create a comprehensive set of sales enablement and marketing content, and provide training and consulting to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Our role is to provide everything your team needs to confidently and persuasively pitch and close deals with your business’s most valuable leads, including: 

  • Custom marketing content
  • Interactive training content
  • Presentations and pitch decks
  • Social media assets and Infographics
  • Video
  • Web design and development 

Quicksilver has been instrumental in closing hundreds of sales for organizations, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, implementing effective account-based marketing across many industries.

To find out how Quicksilver can empower your sales and marketing, reach out today for an initial consultation. 


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