We will help you rapidly develop creative solutions for complex communications challenges.


Our Consulting Framework

All companies need to communicate–to create a message and disseminate it to an audience, either internally or externally. Articulating and delivering that message, quickly and creatively, is the essence of effective communication.

But the process for developing targeted communication in today’s disruptive business environment often lacks the urgency necessary to meet the company’s needs. Quicksilver Associates has developed a Framework to help you rapidly target the audience you want to reach, quantify the results you want to achieve, crystalize the message you want to deliver, select the appropriate channels and tactics and Execute.

By deftly applying the Quicksilver Consulting Framework, we can rapidly identify solutions to your most complex communications challenges and develop strategies for implementing those solutions.

1. Discovery

Getting to know your company; your audience and the channels available to reach them; the environment in which you are communicating and the barriers to effective communication

2. Ideation & Messaging

Creatively developing and supporting the story you want to tell

3. Tactical Planning

Identifying the tactics and channels best suited to deliver your message and putting together a schedule that will ensure timely implementation

4. Execution

Collaboratively developing the tactics

5. Evaluation

Based on the metrics established at the outset of the project, measuring effectiveness and adjusting the project elements if necessary