We’ve all heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and, in most cases, this is a good rule to follow. However, we find there are a few exceptions to the rule, and a company’s website design is one of them. A good website is many things; it is a means of connection both digitally and professionally, a place to showcase expertise in a specific industry, and, most importantly, it is a reflection of the company as a whole. With so much competition in today’s digital world, having a well-rounded, meaningful website can be the difference between achieving success or getting lost in the digital clutter.

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, 2017 is all about creating new goals and knocking them out of the park. Here at Quicksilver we like to think of ourselves as instinctively creative, passionately collaborative, digital (and traditional) communicators. You can’t stay in business for over 40 years without staying ahead of the trends and providing innovative solutions to customer’s challenges. And, because so much is new at Quicksilver in 2017, we decided it was the perfect time to give our website design a complete overhaul. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider an update to your website.

New Technology

Things change- it’s a fact.  New and improved content management systems are making website editing tasks such as adding new content, updating design elements and back end maintenance a much smoother and simpler process. A major benefit of regularly refreshing your website content is to help improve website SEO performance. Fresh content= Frequent indexing=Better rankings…but that is a topic for another time.

New Design

A study titled The Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites revealed that an astounding 94% of participants rejected or didn’t trust a website due to website design. Elements such as layout, fonts, photos, graphics, color and navigation all contribute to a positive user experience.

Another and often overlooked factor – make sure you have enticing, clear calls to actions on your website. Too many sites provide great information but when it comes to taking action, the user is left to navigate on their own. If you were a brick and mortar store you wouldn’t make the customer seek out your sales associate, would you? So don’t make them scour your website for a contact us form. Make sure every landing page includes a lead generating call to action.

New Expectations

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect quick answers and a great user experience. They don’t have the time or desire to navigate through a complex and cluttered website. If your current site is a hodgepodge of all the work you’ve ever done or overloaded with paragraphs of text- the time is right for a redesign. Take the customer where they want to go with as little effort on their end as possible. And don’t overwhelm them with excessive or obsolete content.  An efficient, effective website design is a powerful way to exceed the high expectations of today’s customer journey.

New(ish) Devices

Consumers are increasingly using their mobile or tablet device to browse the internet. Having a responsive design will allow the user to have the same site experience on all devices. Depending on your business and where you generate most of your traffic from, it may make sense to design your website as “mobile first.” As of April 2015, Google also started ranking mobile-friendly websites higher than websites that weren’t mobile friendly. And we all know, nobody wants to upset Google. Understanding how your website is ranked is often the first step in the redesign process.

New Competition

Forrester found that more than three-quarters of 57,499 U.S. online adults surveyed had ordered products or services online. If a customer is looking at your website, it is safe to say they probably have seen your competitors as well. In order to stay in the game, you want to make sure your online presence is on par, if not better, than your competition’s. If competitor sites are easier to navigate or visually more appealing, there is a higher chance of missing an opportunity. In the long run it is better to invest in upgrading your website than run the risk of lost revenue.

New Goals

As companies grow and evolve, so do their goals. You want to make sure your website supports your most current strategy- from increasing revenue, improving customer loyalty, entering new markets, or attracting new talent. Among its many roles, your website is an extension of your sales team so make sure all content, user experience, and messaging are aligned and working together.

We know website redesigns can be daunting. If you think your website can benefit from an update but don’t know where to start, contact us today!