The key to a great live meeting is keeping your audience engaged. Finding ways to communicate your message while capturing the attention and imagination of your audience can feel daunting. Here are a couple of techniques that can help increase your meeting engagement.

1-Shake up your delivery!

Engagement begins by creating message appropriate opportunities for your audience to get involved. New sales initiatives on the way? Pick audience members at random to come up to the stage and read them to the audience! This initiative will stand out to the audience because of the unexpected change up. Inviting them to participate in the show will allow them to leave feeling more part of the process!

2-Make the medium your message!

The last thing you want is death by PowerPoint. Mix up your delivery by  integrating short bites of audio, video and interactive elements. This creates multiple voices working together in harmony to drive home your message. More than just adding a video, it’s about creating a thoroughly designed mixed media experience. The production stakes may be higher, but when well-executed, the impact is so much more compelling, memorable and long lasting.

3 -Crowd source knowledge sharing at your event!

Your audience is a wide and varied pool of expertise… Make time in your agenda and create opportunities to let people who are seeking knowledge, connect with those that have it. The good news is you don’t have to design the curriculum; you just need to create the mechanism to help interested thought leaders within your audience make one-on-one time with those looking to advance their own knowledge. For a fantastic implementation of this idea, check out the ”Braindates” concept from the 2017 PCMA Convening Leaders conference designed to help do exactly that. Not only will you be helping to connect your audience members together, but you are also enabling deeply personal experiences that create lasting professional relationships ultimately leading to a stronger organization.

4 – Find places to Flip the script!

A common mistake is to use your live meeting as a one sided message delivery system. When was the last time you went out to lunch with a close friend and sat in silence while they spoke AT you the entire time? Create a session with key stakeholders on stage, but with content driven entirely by the audience! In advance of your meeting, put out calls for questions to your entire audience, and prepare a carefully curated session that speaks directly to the questions, concerns, and ideas presented by your audience, answered by the very stakeholders they look to for leadership! And raise the stakes by integrating a live twitter feed exclusively into this presentation to allow for even greater interactivity and spontaneity! Your team will leave the session invigorated, and empowered, and incredibly connected to the message… because they know their voices have been heard.

There’s a thousand more ways for us to help you engage your audience… but that’s only a small part of what we here at Quicksilver hope to do for your next meeting or conference… Contact us and let’s talk about how we can take your live events to the next level!